Does your church, school, non-profit or town want to reduce its electric bill, while making the planet a better place? The Oregon Clean Power Co-op can help you do just that.

Here’s how it works:

• The solar panels are installed on your roof or property, but paid for by the Co-op. Your organization pays nothing.

• The Co-op raises the money to build the project through loans from its members, many of whom may be members of your community. Companies, banks and organizations may invest as well, although they cannot be voting members of the Co-op.

• Any Oregon resident can become a member of the Co-op, so funding could come from anywhere in the state. The Co-op will publicize your project to its members statewide, and help you get the word out about it in your community.

• When your project is fully funded, the Co-op will manage the design and installation process, using knowledgeable solar installers, typically Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Allies, who also can maintain the equipment once it is installed. All Co-op projects benefit from the Co-op’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the solar industry, and our ability to negotiate the lowest possible price for solar panels and other components.

• Your organization reaps the benefits of the electricity produced from the sun as your electrical load from the utility is reduced substantially, based on how many panels you can host.

• To pay off the cost of the solar panels, your organization buys the power produced by the panels at a reduced rate that’s usually between 10% to 15% lower than your current utility rate (the exact rate will vary by project).

• After the Co-op members have been paid back, typically between 5-10 years, your organization will fully own the equipment and you pay nothing for the electricity thereafter. The solar panels the Co-op uses are warrantied for 25 years, and with no moving parts, will likely last much longer than that.

• The savings from using clean energy and community-funded solar projects over the long term can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars after the panels are paid off, even for a typical 30-kW installation.

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