Thanks for your interest in supporting locally-owned solar in Oregon! With help from community members like you, we’ve financed more than 40 solar projects across the state.


Oregon State University’s OSU Forestry project is open for investment as of July 2024. The OSU Milam Hall project has been delayed by Pacific Power interconnection issues.

Adams Creek Cohousing is fully financed, construction began in May 2024 and will wrap up in July.

Investing is quick and easy! To get started, just email us.

Oregon Clean Power solar investment

The Oregon Clean Power Cooperative is the country’s only state-wide, member-owned cooperative dedicated to renewable energy. Founded in 2015, our unique financing approach allows community members to invest in renewable energy projects throughout Oregon, creating green jobs, keeping capital circulating locally, and helping Oregon communities to become more self-reliant through locally-generated clean power.