Jackson County Fire District 5 provides fire protection for more than 120 square miles of southern Oregon, including the city of Talent. Their proud motto: “We Still Make House Calls!”

The Oregon Clean Power Co-op will install a ground-mounted 75 kW solar + battery system at the District’s main fire station, which is located just north of Talent on Highway 99 (Pacific Hwy). The project will reduce the District’s carbon footprint and electric bills, and will provide emergency power to the fire station even if its current backup generator runs out of fuel in the event of a major natural disaster.

Financing for the project will come from investment by community members, the Energy Trust of Oregon, and a Renewable Energy Development grant from the Oregon Dept. of Energy.

Jackson County Fire District 5 Investment Summary

Jackson County Fire District 5 Offering Memorandum (coming soon)

Jackson County Fire District 5 – How to Invest