The Oregon Clean Power Co-op, in partnership with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition through our Solarize Corvallis campaign, will help finance the installation of 140 kW of solar panels at three Corvallis schools. This is the Co-op’s fourth project for the Corvallis School District. The schools are:

Linus Pauling Middle School (89 kW) – rooftop

Cheldelin Middle School (29 kW) – ground, northwest of the track

Franklin (22 kW) – rooftop

Funding for the project will come from Energy Trust of Oregon, the Corvallis School District, which is required to spend 1.5% of its 2019 school construction bond funds on solar, and from investment by community members through the Co-op. The community investment will let the school district nearly double the amount of solar it can install at the schools.

The solar panels at the three schools are expected to produce more than 154,400 kWh of clean, renewable electricity annually, equivalent to not driving a passenger car 274,300 miles.